For projects that I worked on in high school (and earlier), see here.

This page (the one that you’re currently looking at) will eventually serve as an archive for more recent projects I’ve worked on. But, for the time being, my GitHub page is a pretty good indication of what I’m up to at the moment. (A good chunk of it is school work, though, and so won’t be posted publicly.)

For now, a list of my GitHub projects that I’m particularly proud of:

  • pde2js: a transpiler that converts code written in the Processing programming language to p5.js, the JavaScript equivalent. This is intended for use by new programmers who wrote cool art programs in Processing but don’t want to deal with the tedium of manually converting code to a different language. It’s been successfully used by CSE 120, a Computer Science Principles course at the UW (for which I’ve worked as a TA).
  • BrainTrust Bot: a Telegram bot that adds a bunch of fun features to your group chats. I had originally written this in Python, but as it grew beyond its original feature set, it was desperately in need of a revamp. So I re-wrote it using Ruby on Rails. I’m mainly proud of this project because I spent a lot of time writing tests to ensure that all the features worked properly.